Al Kavanagh
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Affiliations Breeze
Status Alive
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Portrayed by Robert Joy

Al Kavanagh is the owner of Breeze, a nightclub on George Street. For years he has competed with Miranda Cahill, who owns the Green Sleeves Pub and Grill across the street. From thefts to outright brawls in the street, these two fought for control of George Street. At one point, Al and Miranda were in a relationship, but Miranda burned his house down.

During the episode Duchess of George, Miranda's pub catches fire. Miranda believes it was arson and, more specifically, that Al Kavanagh did it. She goes to Malachy Doyle and asks him to solve the mystery. Together with Jake, they begin investigating. After bugging Al's phone and multiple confrontations, it is discovered that the fire was started by Miranda's drug addicted husband, Tony Baker. Tony was in the basement doing drugs with his girlfriend Debbie Simms when the fire began. Tony fled the building but Debbie perished in the flames.

After the mystery is solved, Kavanagh goes back to running his club.

He reappears in The Heroine to hire Des to look into his wife.