Brian Harris
Biographical Information
Family Teresa Harris (Wife)
Affiliations Benny Natche (Employee)
Status Deceased
Behind the Scenes
First appearance Fathers and Sons
Last appearance Fathers and Sons
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Portrayed by Randy Head

Brian Harris owned a large party boat located in the St. John's Harbour. He was married to Teresa and was described as having "roid-rage" issues. However, Teresa was having an affair with the club's DJ, Benny Natche. One night, Benny and Brian got into an argument and Brian pushed Benny. Teresa, defending Benny, struck Brian with a blunt object which resulted in him going into a coma. Brian later died in hospital.

Police arrived to find Benny, bloodied and holding the murder weapon while high on ecstacy, standing over his body and arrested him. Benny's father, Doctor Amir Natche, hired Jake and Mal Doyle to solve the case. Jake discovered that Benny was aware of Teresa's actions and was only taking responsibility for the attack to protect her and their unborn child. In the end, Teresa turns herself in to the police claiming self-defence and Benny is released.