Christian Doyle
Biographical Information
Family Malachy Doyle (Father)
Mary Ann Doyle (Mother - Deceased)
Jake Doyle (Brother)
Kathleen Doyle (Sister)
Tinny Doyle (Niece)
Ruby Rennette (Wife)
Nikki Renholds (Ex-Sister-in-Law)
Rose Miller (Step-mother)
Affiliations Doyle & Doyle
The Duke (co-owner)
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
First appearance The Pen Is Mightier Than the Doyle
Last appearance Hot Package
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Portrayed by Jonathan Goad

Christian Doyle is the son of Malachy and Mary Ann Doyle.


Christian first appears in the episode The Fall of the Republic. After returning from his job at a lawyer's office in Toronto, Ontario, Christian instantly gets on Jake's nerves. However, it becomes apparent that Christian is somehow involved in a recent murder and Jake's suspicions reach a climax when Jake finds Christian, hung-over, in the blood-stained kitchen of a suspect's house. Desperately trying to clean the blood, he begs Jake for help. Sent with some money, Christian boards a bus and leaves the province. He is later proven innocent.

Christian returns in Season 2. He convinces Jake to buy The Duke Pub, but uses a local criminal. When Christian becomes indebted, Jake takes the debt for himself. It is later smoothed over and the pub becomes theirs. While Jake works the P.I. cases, Christian works as the Pub's bartender. However, Christian help Jake on the odd case.

Probably his most important role was during the events of Family Business, in which Des and Tinny are kidnapped. In order to get Tinny and Des home safe, Jake and Christian must break Jake's old partner, John Crocker, out of prison. Christian steals a minivan and blocks the police cruiser's path. Jake, masked and in a stolen sedan, crashes into the side of the cruiser. Jake and Christian get John free and load him in the minivan, and Jake makes sure the officer is okay and steals his pepper spray.

At John's hideout, Christian is knocked out during the hand-off. However, Jake is able to disable him moments before police raid the building. After Tinny and Des are safe, Jake is forced into joining the Constabulary again and Christian likely goes back to bartending.


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