Edwin Winters
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Status Deceased
Behind the Scenes
First appearance Hot Package
Last appearance N/A
Appears in 1 Episode
Portrayed by Chuck Boyd
Edwin Winters was a narcotics agent.


Edwin was the uncle of Marie Booth. Marie's boyfriend, Deacon Rogers, worked as his gardener. Unfortunately, Edwin is found murdered in his home and Marie is arrested for the crime. However, Jake and Mal Doyle continue to investigate and discover that Deacon, along with Kelly Thomas, killed Edwin and removed his hand so they might break into his high-security safe, which requires Edwin's fingerprints in order to enter.

Jake and Mal are able to steal the hand, but Deacon and Kelly end up stealing Edwin's corpse from the morgue and make it back to Edwin's house. However, upon opening the safe, they find Jake is inside. He throws Edwin's hand at them, distracting them, before pushing them into the safe to await the police.