Emily Doyle
Biographical Information
Family Gerald Bryne (brother)
Rory Bryne (nephew)
Malachy Doyle (husband)
Christian Doyle (son)
Jake Doyle (son)
Kathleen Doyle (daughter)
Tinny Doyle (grand-daughter)
Unnamed grand-daughter and grand-son (through Jake and Leslie)
Nikki Renholds (daughter-in-law; formerly)
Affiliations Doyle & Doyle
Status Deceased 1992
Behind the Scenes
First appearance
Last appearance
Appears in A Horse Divided (apparition)
Portrayed by Tamara Bernier

Emily Ann Doyle (née Bryne) is a deceased character featured in Republic of Doyle. She is the late wife of Malachy Doyle and the mother of Christian, Kathleen, and Jake Doyle. She is also the grand-mother to Tinny Doyle and Jake and Leslie's son and daughter.