Fathers and Sons
Season One, Episode One
Air date January 6, 2010
Directed by Mike Clattenburg
Written by Allan Hawco, Perry Chafe, Malcolm MacRury
Production No. 101
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The Return of the Grievous Angel

Fathers and Sons is the first episode in season one and the first episode in the series.


The Doyles' help a close family friend beat a manslaughter charge despite the fact that he refuses to defend himself. Jake’s relationship with his ex-wife, Nikki, is heating up when it should be cooling down – and Leslie might be the perfect distraction.



  • Rose: And you know, the boys downtown told me it's a wonder that boat could float, with all the drugs on board. I guess that's where Benny got the E from, huh?
    Mal: The erection drug?
    Jake: (laughs) Dad, E is ecstasy.
    Mal: I'm joking, dumb-ass! I worked the drug squad, remember?
  • Rose: Okay, fine, if you can't hear me, I might as well be straight with you. I didn't move in to this house expecting to babysit a 16-year old brat. Keep it up, keep it up with the attitude. One night I'll sneak into your room while you're sleeping and wring your bloody neck.
    Tinny: (laughing) It wasn't turned on yet.
  • Jake: What can I say? Trouble just has a way of finding me.
    Rose: I think it's the other way around, actually.
  • Jake: Listen, you wouldn't die for me, would you?
    Mal: Nope. I've another son, as well as a daughter, which makes you expendible. You're third born, the runt of the litter.
    Jake: The fatherly love from you is just like one of those Latter Day Saints commercials. So much compassion!
    Mal: Move out of my house!


"Back to Me" performed by Kathleen Edwards
"Tin Taste Two" performed by Grant King Trio
"Playboy (Jedi Extended Mix)" performed by Candy Coated Killahz
"Step by Step" performed by Jordan Knight

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