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Affiliations Malachy Doyle (Friend)
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
First appearance Duchess of George
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Finn is an old friend of Malachy Doyle. The two have known each other for a long time and Mal sometimes asks Finn for information.

Finn first appears in the episode Duchess of George. Mal and his son, Jake Doyle, ask Finn to meet so they can ask about Al Kavanagh. However, Finn shows up in a stolen ambulance and tries to sell them a VCR player. After Mal promises to buy the VCR for twenty dollars, Finn explains what he knows; that Kavanagh is in a deal with the Catholic Church in order to buy land and says that a priest named Father Liam will be playing golf that day. After the conversation, police arrive and arrest Finn. Jake goes to the golf course and confronts Liam with pictures of Debbie Simms, who died in a fire that Kavanagh is suspected of starting.

Jake later gets involved in a street-fight that lands him in jail. There, he sees Finn and he explains that the man Jake confronted at the golf course, Arthur Gallagher, is not Father Liam. When Jake is released, Finn exclaims that Mal still owes him twenty dollars.