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Season 5, Episode 12: Edit

Jake became her enemy when he repeatedly prevented her from killing a low level con man who owed her money. She stated she needed to make an example of this man, therefore, Jake allowed her to hit the man a few times and take a photograph of his battered face so 'she wouldn't feel cheated'. However, she did not find this satisfactory and continued to pursue Jake and the man throughout episode 12. At one point, she managed steal the man away from Jake. However, her victory was short lived when Jake yet again foiled her murderous plans. At the end of Episode 12, she appears again to threaten Jake with future retribution for his interference. Edit

Season 5, Episodes 15: Edit

Part one of the season 5 finale. Harley resurfaced in Episode 15 in connection to the corrupt Mayor/ former love interest of Leslie Bennett, as he has just been released from prison. It is revealed Harley had visited the Mayor in prison on many occasions. After Jake has several public altercations with the Mayor, the Mayor is murdered by Harley and her partner/ 'teacher'/ Detective Randy Disher from Monk. Jake is framed and falsely accused of this murder when he is caught standing over the Mayor's body with the murder weapon in his hand. While Jake is being held in police custody and interrogated, Harley strangles Leslie Bennett while her partner appears to drug Leslie. Edit

Season 5, Episode 16: Edit

Part two of the season 5 finale. Harley and her partner have kidnapped Leslie to use as leverage over Jake. As Jake is being transported to prison, Harley and her partner stage a prison break and abduct Jake from the police transport van against his will. Due to the looming threat of Leslie's death, Jake is forced to break into a heavily guarded police facility to retrieve TNT for Harley and her partner. After the theft, he conveniently finds a replacement retro car with the keys left inside for an easy getaway. He locates Harley and her partner but he is told he still must do more if he wants to save Leslie. Harley takes Jake to the airport with a suitcase of TNT under the guise of a cult related bombing. However, once they arrive, Harley reveals the cult was a rouse. Harley and her partner planned to frame Jake for the bomb threat and the murders, including the murder of Leslie Bennett. Jake is left holding the suitcase of TNT while Harley screams to attract attention. Harley and her partner manufactured the bomb scare to shut down the airport so they could steal a fortune in platinum bars. Harley and her partner were apprehended, however, it is uncertain if they succeeded in murdering Leslie and framing Jake. Edit