Kathleen Doyle
Biographical Information
Family Malachy Doyle (Father)
Mary Ann Doyle (Mother - Deceased)
Christian Doyle (Brother)
Jake Doyle (Brother)
Tinny Doyle (Daughter)
Nikki Renholds (Ex-sister-in-law)
Rose Miller (Step-mother)
Affiliations N/A
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
First appearance Rusted Steele
Last appearance N/A
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Portrayed by Krista Bridges

Kathleen Doyle is the daughter of Malachy and Mary Ann Doyle, and the mother of Katrina "Tinny" Doyle.


According to Tinny, Kathleen went "out west" for a new job, leaving Tinny in the care of her grandparents, Malachy and Rose Doyle. There she met a man named George and they did some "work" together. She eventually heads back home when she discovers the man she was having a relationship with was married.

Season 3Edit

In Rusted Steele Kathleen returns home without notice and is discovered on the sofa with another man.


In the original pilot she is protrayed as a drunk woman with short hair and is living in St. Johns with Tinny.