Kevin Crocker
Biographical Information
Family Tinny Doyle (Daughter)
Affiliations Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (formerly)
Jake Doyle (partner; formerly)
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
First appearance Family Business
Last appearance Welcome Back Crocker
Appears in 9 Episodes
Portrayed by Paul Gross
"Now, here's the thing: I hear you've become something of a hero since I last saw you, so I thought it was time for me to check in."
―Kevin Crocker to Jake Doyle.

Kevin Crocker is a recurring character and antagonist in Republic of Doyle. He is the former partner of Jake Doyle, and was arrested and dismissed for corruption. He was later discovered to be Katrina Doyle's biological father. He was portrayed by Paul Gross.

Biography Edit

Kevin was a police officer in the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary and the partner of Jake Doyle. He frequently took bribes and behaved as a crooked cop, causing Jake to dislike him. As such, in 2001 when Kevin apparently shot and killed a drug dealer's girlfriend, Jake ratted him out. However, Kevin fled the city before he could be prosecuted.

Kevin admittedly spent years holding resentment for Jake and frequently planned on killing him. However, it wasn't until Jake had Mayor Bill Clarke arrested on corruption charges that Kevin found the initiative to go through with his plans; he claims it was due to Jake's label as a "hero".

Season 2Edit

In Family Business, Kevin breaks into the Doyle residence and kidnaps Jake's niece, Tinny Doyle, as well as Des Courtney, a family associate. He holds them ransom while Jake and his father Malachy Doyle rob a money production facility. However, Kevin attempts to kill the manager but is stopped by Jake and promptly arrested.

With Kevin incarcerated, rescuing Tinny and Des is now impossible. As such, Jake and his brother, Christian Doyle, ambush a police transport vehicle carrying Kevin to prison. Christian pulls up ahead of the cruiser in a stolen minivan. He stops the cruiser in the middle of an intersection. A masked Jake driving a stolen sedan crashes into the side of the cruiser and gets Kevin out. He makes sure the officer is okay and then steals his pepper spray.

Jake goes home and, after a close encounter with Leslie Bennett, takes Kevin his $5,000,000. After he has his money, Kevin gets real close to Jake so he can shoot him in the head. Jake knocks the gun out of his hand and pepper sprays him. Immediately after, police, led there by Leslie, storm the building and arrest Jake and Kevin.

Jake is later released under certain circumstances but Kevin is sent to prison for life.

Season 4Edit

In season 4, Crocker is discovered to be Tinny's father.

In the season 4 two-hour finale, Kevin Crocker escapes along with the convicts in HMP with Maurice Becker at gunpoint. Crocker goes along with his plan because of Becker's threat to hurt Tinny, but in the end, he proves that he is on Jake's side. He leaves town with a parting call to Kathleen Doyle

Season 5Edit

In Welcome Back Crocker, Kevin returns to get the Doyles to help prove his innocence.


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