Laura Dawe
Biographical Information
Family Teresa Harris (Sister)
Brian Harris (Brother-in-Law)
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
First appearance Fathers and Sons
Last appearance Fathers and Sons
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Portrayed by Sarah Manninen

Laura Dawe is the older sister of Teresa Harris. She appears in the episode Fathers and Sons after Jake Doyle sends Teresa out of the hospital room. Laura comes in and berates him. Later, Jake and Mal find her signature on the visitors list at the prison. They go to her house, but find that it has been raided. While Jake and Mal are searching it, Mal gets knocked down by the burglar. Before they can go after him, Laura enters and threatens to call the police. She is convinced not to after Jake reminds her of all the cocaine in her living room. After a short talk, she leaves for Brian Harris's funeral.

It later turns out that Laura did not visit the prison. Her sister, Teresa, disguised herself as Laura and visited Benny Natche. As it turns out, Teresa was having an affair with Benny and he got her pregnant. During an argument between Benny and Brian, Teresa, in self-defence, hit him over the head with a blunt object. Teresa is later convinced to admit her guilt and Benny is released.