Malachy Doyle
Malachy season
Biographical Information
Family Mary Ann Doyle (1st Wife - Deceased)
Rose Miller (2nd Wife)
Christian Doyle (Son)
Jake Doyle (Son)
Kathleen Doyle (Daughter)
Tinny Doyle (Grand-daughter)
Nikki Renholds (Former Daughter-in-Law)
Des Courtney (Adopted Relative)
Affiliations Doyle & Doyle
RNC (formerly)
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
First appearance Fathers and Sons
Last appearance --
Appears in All episodes
Portrayed by Seán McGinley

Malachy Doyle is a former police officer and the father of Christian, Kathleen, and Jake Doyle. He is also the grand-father of Tinny Doyle. He is a widower, his wife, Mary Ann, died of cancer when Jake was young. Now, Malachy is a private detective in "Doyle & Doyle Private Investigators". He lives with his girlfriend (later wife), Rose Miller, his son, Jake, his granddaughter, Tinny and Des, who was taken in by the Doyle family (and gainfully employed) after they learned of his past.

Season 1Edit