Rose Miller
Rose season 5
Biographical Information
Family Malachy Doyle (Husband)
Christian Doyle (Step-son)
Jake Doyle (Step-son)
Kathleen Doyle (Step-daughter)
Tinny Doyle (Step-granddaughter)
Martin Poole (Ex-husband)
Beth Miller (mother)
Affiliations Doyle & Doyle
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
First appearance Fathers and Sons
Last appearance Last Call
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Portrayed by Lynda Boyd

Rose Miller (formerly Rose Poole) is Malachy Doyle's live-in girlfriend (later wife). She acts as a secretary for Doyle & Doyle, setting things up and the like. However, she often goes out with Malachy to do surveillance on suspects.


Her mother, Beth Miller, is a con artist and raised her daughter to pick the wrong path. She married at least 3 times. It seems that her first husband was Rose's father.

When she was young, she got caught up in drugs and crime. She married Martin Poole, but he was arrested. She left the area for Newfoundland, where she met Malachy.

Season 1Edit

One day, Martin returned and turned the whole family upside down. Rose was able to get Martin to sign the divorce papers and he left town. She later married Malachy.