Sloan Daniels
Sloan Daniels
Biographical Information
Family Unknown (Previously thought to be Jake Doyle)

Ellen Daniels (Mother)

Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
First appearance Firecracker
Last appearance --
Appears in 11 Episodes
Portrayed by Lola Tash
Sloan Daniels is the daughter of Ellen Daniels and was previously believed to be the daughter of Jake Doyle. Sloan is a former pickpocket.


She grew up with only her mother since Jake never knew about her until her mother passed away, leaving Sloan as an orphan. Sloan grew up in many different homes and began pickpocketing to grow cash. This is when she runs into Jake Doyle.

Season 5Edit

Sloan Daniels first appears in Firecracker. She is first seen running in the episode from Des Courtney and Jake because she was stealing minor objects from people's homes. She runs through a house that then explodes. She is rescued by Jake but tricks him, handcuffs him to a fence and steals his car. Des then tracks her down thanks to her using Jakes credit card to buy lunch and Jake finds her and with the help of Mal stops her from running again but then finds a dead body in the trunk of his car. Sloan is arrested for robbery. She flips on her ex-boyfriend a cab driver as her accomplice and is released from the custody. She then is kidnapped by Clark Cooper and held hostage. 


Season 5Edit