Something Old, Someone Blue
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Season 2, Episode 5
Air date February 9, 2011
Directed by James Allodi
Written by Adam Higgs & Jackie May
Production No. 205
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The Ryans and the Pittmans
Something Old, Someone Blue is the fifth episode of season 2 and the seventeenth episode of the series.


It's matrimony – Doyle style – as Jake and Mal are tasked with finding the person responsible for sabotaging an upcoming wedding; Mal and Rose fix a bump in the road in their relationship as Jake and Allison hit a stride in theirs; Des comes to Tinny's rescue but ends up exploding her plans in the process.




  • Rose: Just admit you're scared, okay? This is how you behave when you're scared.
    Mal: Scared of what? Travelling to Mexico? I have work to do!
    Rose: What are you talking about? This is a vacation! It's okay to have fun once in a while!
    Mal: You're just like your mother!
    (Rose is speechless)
    Jake: Oh-ho, you're on your own now, Skipper.
  • Jake: (laughing) Man, you've got to take a course or something on how to tend to your woman.
    Mal: You teach and I'll pass.
  • Jake: Okay, call me old fashioned, but a bride catching on fire seems like a bit of a bad omen.


"White Wedding" (1982) by Billy Idol.
"So Far Away" (1985) by Dire Straits.

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