The Fall of the Republic
Season One, Episode Twelve
Air date April 7, 2010
Directed by Robert Lieberman
Written by Steve Cochrane and Jesse McKeown
Production No. 112
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The Fall of the Republic is the twelfth and final episode in the first season and the twelfth in the series.


When Jake receives a mysterious late night call from Christian, he’s not prepared for the scary crime scene he finds at the other end of the line; Mal is suddenly and seriously sidelined and Jake takes the reins to save his tormented brother from the Police, including Leslie; Nikki makes a significant step in moving on from Jake; and everyone’s trying to keep it together as their Republic falls apart.







  • Mal: This is your fault.
    Jake: What?
    Mal: If you shovelled the van out of the snow, like I asked, none of us would be here right now.
    Jake: Oh, yeah, the blockages in your heart, that's my fault; that's got nothing to do with the seven trays of pork chops you shove down your gob every night
    Mal: Two sons at home and neither of you dare to lift a shovel.
  • Des: I pulled Mr. Duggan's rap sheet, and I'm going to have to, respectfully, untake the case.
    Shannie: Because of Wally? He's harmless.
    Des: Uh, assault and battery, assault with a deadly weapon, assault with a swan...
    Shannie: What?
    Des: It's a tall, white bird.
    Shannie: I know what a swan is.
  • Des: You know, it's strange, it's really strange. I mean, I killed a man, and I feel nothing.
    Tinny: You didn't kill anybody. And you were crying the whole time the police took your statement.


"No Change In Me" performed by Ron Hynes
"Pass By Slow" performed by Jetset Motel
"Ams Waltz" performed by Bill Brennan

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