The Pen Is Mightier Than the Doyle
Season One, Episode Ten
Air date March 24, 2010
Directed by Robert Lieberman
Written by Steve Cochrane and Avrum Jacobson
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The Pen Is Mightier Than the Doyle is the tenth episode in the first season and the tenth in the series.


When Mal suddenly leaves town and lends Jake out to be shadowed by a pompous crime novelist looking for inspiration, Jake’s entire life, including his constant relationship woes, is put under the authorial microscope; a simple cheating spouse domestic case turns out to be something far more devious than it first appears; and Jake, expecting the return of his father, gets an unwelcome surprise when it’s not Mal standing in the kitchen to greet him but his troubled older brother, Christian.



  • Jake: What's with all the crap books? (picking up a book and laughing) Garrison Steele? This guy is like, the biggest hack on earth, you know?
    Rose: Jake! Meet Garrison Steele. Garrison, meet...
    Garrison: Jake Doyle, P.I.
  • Jake: You look beautiful, by the way. This hairstyle really suits you.
    Leslie: Doyle, you're at the site of a homicide, stop hitting on me.
    Jake: I wasn't hitting on you, it was a compliment! It's very different. (raising his voice as she walks away) For the last time, I don't date cops, Sergeant, so back off!
  • Rose: Oh, come on! Steele has a certain charm.
    Jake: Charm? Old houses have a certain charm; old pubs that smell like urine, they have a certain charm.
    Rose: Jake, please!
  • Garrison: Double or nothing. I bet you 15,000 that I can get Ebner's wife to talk to me... tonight.
    Des: Do it, Jake.
    Jake: All right, but not for money. If I win, you leave town tonight. No more of this armchair psychoanalysis, no more crap coming out of your mouth; you're gone.
    Garrison: Deal. But if I win, no more complaining about me shadowing you.
    Jake: Fine. (the door bell rings) That's Ebner's wife, isn't it?
  • Daryl Ebner: Gentlemen, please show Mr. Doyle and his friend the way out of the building.
    Jake: Oh, no, I was in boy scouts, so I can totally find my own way out.
  • Garrison: Oh, I called my agent, gave her the pitch for my new book today.
    Jake: Good for you.
    Garrison: A P.I. book, obviously.
    Jake: Obviously.
    Garrison: It's a departure from my usual material, but I think this one goes deeper into the heart of my subject.
    Jake: Really?
    Garrison: He's a special guy, the hero.
    Jake: (touched) That right?
    Garrison: I mean... special. He's mentally challenged.


"The Eastside" performed by Joe Belly & The Sin City Ramblers
"Emergency Roadside Assistance" performed by Sean Panting
"Unsteady Hands" performed by Japan Batteries
"Same Old Song" performed by Chris Pico
"Settle Up, Settle Down" performed by Jetset Motel

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