Travis Lee
Biographical Information
Affiliations Brian Harris
Jason Ward
Status Incarcerated
Behind the Scenes
First appearance Fathers and Sons
Last appearance Fathers and Sons
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Portrayed by Jon Whalen

Travis Lee is a small time criminal from the province of Alberta. He, along with Jason Ward, purchased an unknown amount of cocaine from Brian Harris. Unfortunately, Brian was killed before Travis and Jason could receive their cocaine, so the two began to interfere in Jake Doyle's investigation during the episode Fathers and Sons.

Jake first sees the two leaving the hospital that Brian is being treated at. Then, he sees them on the party boat that Brian owns. Finally, while breaking into Laura Dawe's home, Jake finds that Travis and Jason are already inside, looking for the cocaine. Jake knocks the two out, ties up Jason, and cuffs Travis in the bathtub. Jake then interrogates Travis by threatening to electrocute him. Travis reveals that they are trying to get their cocaine, which they now know is in locker 35 in a nearby gym.

After being released, the two are seen at the end of the episode unlocking locker 35. However, immediately after opening it and grabbing their cocaine, a group of police officers led by Constable Leslie Bennett ambush them and the two are arrested.