Walter McLean
Biographical Information
Family Mary McLean (Sister)
Affiliations Jake Doyle (Friend)
Kathleen Doyle (ex-girlfriend)
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
First appearance Fathers and Sons
Last appearance Family Business
Appears in Fathers and Sons
Portrayed by Sean Panting

Walter McLean is a character featured in Republic of Doyle.

Background Edit

Walter and Jake Doyle are best friends, and have been since childhood. Walter was an accomplice during many of the activities, crime, and mischief that Jake got up to as a child. As an adult, Walter became a lawyer and often aids Jake during his investigations. He eve

Walter also has a sister, Mary. Though he did not find out until adulthood, Jake and Mary had sexual relations in their teens. Upon hearing this, Walter punched Jake in the face, but they remained friends. For a brief time he dates Jake's sister, Kathleen, which caused Jake to give him the silent treatment.